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    Louisiana Youth Football's youth version of SportsCenter, GameCenter LIVE.   View a Season to find every teams' page, schedules, stats, box scores, rosters, standings, game play-by-play, game recaps, and more.  Checkout upcoming events on our Calendar and view real-time Fields/Weather status.  We Are THE FACTORY...The Future of Youth Football!!!

    Louisiana Youth Football (LYF) is the largest independent youth football program in Louisiana and one of the premier youth football programs in the Gulf South and the United States.


    Louisiana Youth Football (LYF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit program of Louisiana Youth Sports Network (LYSN) whose mission is to utilize organized and structured football as a tool to enlighten and cultivate the development of well rounded youth through establishing a foundation of the following life skills: Responsibility; Goal Setting; Sportsmanship; Self Control; Smart Decisions; Teamwork; Leadership; Perseverance.

    For more details on our outstanding program and how you can get involved, please visit our full football website at


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    HOORAY! Louisiana Academy All State Academic Squad & Team - Fall 2017

    11/16/2017, 12:15am CST
    By LYSN Media Group

    It is an honor and TRULY a pleasure to introduce to you the Louisiana Academy All State Academic Squad & Team Fall 2017.

    Season XIII – 2017 and previous season listings can be found at 

    This Elite Group consists of any student athlete, in our Louisiana Youth Cheerleading, Louisiana Youth Dance, and Louisiana Youth Football programs, who received an overall 3.0 or better GPA during the Fall Semester. These student athletes were nominated by their coach for consideration. An official report card or progress report accompanied the nomination. 

    The Louisiana Academy All State Academic Squad & Team Fall 2017 will be recognized during our Louisiana Youth Football's Day Of Champions - on Saturday, November 18th.

    Season XIII - 2017 Day Of Champions Admission Fee

    11/14/2017, 11:15pm CST
    By LYSN Media Group


    ADMISSION FOR ADULTS (18 & Older): $5.00

    We will be accepting all Major Credit/Debit Cards

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    Unacceptable Behavior...More Like DESPICABLE Behavior

    11/01/2017, 3:45pm CDT
    By LYSN Media Group

    What YOU Permit, YOU Promote!!! WE Do Not Promote This Type Of Behavior...

    This is not coming from BREC, the concession stand, nor the police.  This is coming directly from ME.  If we behave like animals, they will call us animals.  And if they call us animals, we will be treated like animals.  There has been an ongoing fight to gain respect for OUR fans in attendance at our games and OUR fans are trying hard not to win this fight.  Issues concerning the bathroom has brought us again to discussions of why fight for someone who does not appreciate the effort.  I do know that the stadiums are PUBLIC venues and everyone in attendance may not be a part of OUR program but we are going to make sure that OUR fans know better and behave better.  I cannot just put this on the volunteer coaches because when they are on the field coaching, they cannot police their fans or any other outside visitors.  So I am putting this on everyone who walks through the gates of OUR events.  The stadiums are for playing football games on the field and watching football games from the stands, ALL other activities will not be permitted.  So here is how we will be moving forward:

    • If there are any children not currently participating in the games (playing, cheering, or dancing) they must be sitting in the stands with an adult.  NOT Running through the bleachers.  If for some reason they need to visit the restroom or concession stands, they must be accompanied by an adult.  No more treating the stadiums like a playground.
    • The stadiums are not Liberty Lagoon or Celebration Station, if any children are found playing anywhere in the stadium they will be escorted out of the stadium into the surrounding park areas.
    • If a football is not in use for the games on the field, they will not be allowed in the stadium.  No more pick up games inside the stadium.  There is ample park areas outside each stadium.  If a parent feels their children should not be out of their sight in the park areas then they should make sure they are sitting in the stands.

    As you can see the issue we are addressing is the unsupervised children attending OUR events.  The vandalism that has occurred were acts committed by unsupervised children (I hope!) so we will no longer tolerate children running wild in the stadiums.  If OUR fans continue to fail at supervising their children while attending OUR events, we will not open any bathrooms for usage.  Makes no sense for us to knowingly allow access to property to be destroyed.  The games are only 1 hour and 15 minutes, you will have to make other arrangements before or after. 

    YES, the GOOD will suffer for the BAD.  I have watched EVERY team have children associated with them playing in the stadium and had to run them back into the stands, so if you are thinking this does not pertain to YOU then YOU are WRONG.  Please spread this message like you normally do with schedules, game results, and gossip.

    Are you asking yourself why Leroy is saying all this? Because I have been fighting for YOU, now it is time to join the fight and help fight for yourself.  All of you think you are the next coming of Nick Saban.  Lets see if you can lead your Nation like Nick does with Alabama.  Time to stand up against something that has nothing to do with RACE.  If you think it is not worth fighting then we can just play OUR games in substandard stadiums and playgrounds like the rest of the leagues.  WE cannot keep saying we are #1ForAReason or #TheFactory or that we are ELITE if we behave like the stereotypes.  I am very disappointed in this behavior regardless.  Remember what ALL of you have told me when trying to circumvent a rule, “It’s for the KIDS!!!” Prove it...

    What YOU Permit, YOU Promote!!!

    WE Do Not Promote THIS...


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